Coccò, my brave hen.

Did you ever feel to kick against a wall out of anger? I’d never think that I would have felt such a strong desire to do so but yesterday it happened to me!

It has been challenging to control myself.

I like hens and enjoy watching them wondering through the grass and pecking here and there all sorts of tiny things.
I find perfect how their fluffy feathered bodies with thin legs wobble gently as they walk, each step balanced by the back and forth swaying of their neck. And I’m fascinated by the funny way they look around sideways..

coccò the brave hen - hensLast summer I bought three hens: Coccò, Cocchì and Coccù ( a red, a white and a black one). They were small chicks. They have a nice open space where to scratch about full of grass, flowers, trees. Coccò was the most intelligent one of the small flock. She was a curious and helplessly chatty hen. Wherever she was, she used to answer my calls and run to me seeking out my company maybe thinking I’d give her some special treat!
She followed me everywhere and, with no doubt, she would have entered my home if I’d let her.
She dominated the other two hens: as commander in chief, they followed her orders and warnings. She had been the first one to lay eggs and, at sunset, she was the last one to go in the chicken’s house. The night, if I passed nearby their hut, I’d say “Coccò tutto bene?” (Coccò, is everything ok?) and she would always answer me.

Yesterday, my dog (yes, my dog!) a nice fat dachshund got loose: actually she ripped the metallic fence that divides the dogs garden from the hens area and flew through the gap like a DC Comics Super Hero.
In nanoseconds, she ended Coccò’s life.

coccò the brave henI guess that the sausage-dog wanted to play with Cocchì, but the brutal jaws game frightened the flock and Coccò intervened in Cocchì’s defence saving her from the dog’s assault. During that endless tiny fraction of time where I got grip of the playful super-stupid-dog, my brave hen had been injured so badly that didn’t make it to dawn.

The irony of it is that on mum’s Instant Happy Notes 2015 Calendar, a Xmas gift from London, there was written something such as “You’ll remember this day with laughter”.
For me… with anger!

Love you Coccò and really miss my brave hen.