My Life Notes is a collection of testimonials covering a range of topics inspired by witnessing the world we live in. They may be simple and personal thoughts, notions or perceptions based on attentive observation or real-life experiences or they could be an exploration of deeper and crucial nowadays issues and concerns. Nevertheless, My Life Notes is an apolitical and nonreligious blog.

Life Notes contents:

  • Animal World –  Inspiring, educating and fascinating stories to understand, love and protect our amazing animals
  • Country Life –  Depictions of  rural life including anedoctes of the pleasures, the joys and the concerns of pastoral lifestyle
  • Historical Folk Tales – Tales or legends originating among people and typically becoming part of an oral tradition
  • Chronicles
  • Natural Wonders
  • LifeStyle
Most images and photos are from the web and are displayed to enlighten the readers experience. They are used with no intention of infringement of copyrights and with no commercial purpose.